I’ll Be Out of Action For A While – Solicit Your Prayers

by drfuture2013


In a few hours I’ll be having major sinus and nose surgery to remove some major bony blockages in my upper sinuses, and to rebuild my septum, which has been grossly contorted to accomodate it.  It has caused me major pain and a distraction for a number of years.

As a result I have been told I may have a difficult period of internal head swelling and pain for a number of weeks as it heals.  I have no idea how it will impact my resumption of activities such as this blog, but I’ll get back to it and book writing as soon as possible (it will be part of my recuperation, or I’ll get cabin fever as I get coherent again!).

I sure appreciate everyone’s prayers in the meantime, for the surgeons, my weeks of recuperation (and that I am not too whiny), and for my dear wife Ginger (and Pyro), for whom I will be able to do no lifting at all, or even leaning over for some time.

Thanks for your concerns!