Mainstream Christian Watchdog Group “Ministry Watch” Hosts Dr. Bennett to Discuss “Two Masters and Two Gospels” Book

by drfuture2013


Ministry Watch is an conservative Christian organization dating back to 1998 that keeps tabs on Christian ministries in the attempt to promote their being transparent and ethical in their operations, so to educate and help Christian donors find venues that are upright and honorable and the promotion of such standards, with a goal of maintaining a “good report” in the world to be reached with the Gospel. It has a regular news reporting service that does some investigative work or in compiling other articles, having uncovered major scandals in prominent ministries so as to address them internally within the Body (unless legal facets involve the authorities) to preserve the integrity of the Christian witness in society, while warning Christian supporters of such ministries otherwise not aware of such internal malfeasance. They also promote ministries that are exemplary in their efficiency of using donor funds for Christian work, transparency and effectiveness in meeting real needs. They are an invaluable resource to me and my education and research in their reports each day, and I cite their sources frequently in my writings.

Their President, Warren Cole Smith, was the Vice President and Associate Editor of WORLD Group, the publisher of WORLD Magazine, a mainstream Christian magazine on par in size and influence with Christianity Today. In his prior role he and his fellow investigative journalists uncovered one scandal after another of major Christian ministries that rocked the world – done by sincere Christians, to “self-police” within the Body and not rely on the world to do such, the latter for the derision of the Gospel. He recently published a book, Faith Based Fraud, which overlaps the subject matter of my work; you can find out more about the book here. In recent days, he has become a de facto mentor and encourager to this stranger (with sage advice) in my lonely new quest, where mentors are few and far between, much less those from prominent mainstream Christian stalwarts.

Recently, he generously offered to jeopardize his “legit” ministry and its reputation by briefly having me on his Ministry Watch podcast (a good one to regularly listen to) to discuss my book, Two Masters and Two Gospels, Vol.1. While in the brief time allocated we were limited in the scope of discussions we could cover, the subject was treated respectfully, and exposed to a whole new Christian community. Please pray that it might bear some constructive work for the Kingdom. 

The episode itself can be heard right here.

Please let them know how much you appreciated my visit on their show, and that you enjoyed their program and would like to hear me back there again, since our visit was so brief. You can fill out a contact page to notify them here, or drop them an email to

They perform an unenviable task for the Kingdom of Heaven with their ministry, and do it with diligence. They are worthy of your Christian ministry dollars; you can donate to them right here. Tell them Dr. Future sent you, and that you want a print of Dr. Future’s “Future Mobile” with your donation!   


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