Why A Blog?

(last update June 30, 2021)

As I started this blog in 2015 I was hesitant to to comply with the wishes of many friends to start a blog for many reasons.  For one reason, I have gotten a lot of heat from my friends and other Futurians (other Future Quake listeners) to finish my book series I was working on at the time as quick as possible, known as The Holy War Chronicles – A Spiritual View of the War on Terror, in which around 12 volumes of the six volume series has been drafted so far, as well as the spinoff book The Hidden Hand Against the God Fearers.  No one was giving me greater heat than myself to complete this herculean effort, and the last thing I needed was more distractions.  Another reason I had resisted is that the blog offers a tremendous opportunity for a verbose guy like me to tie a verbal noose with which to hang myself later, by making joking, offhand or otherwise unwise comments off the cuff that will be used against me later.  Since I normally only indulge in controversial subjects, I also see such material (particularly the spiritual stuff of which I have primary interest) getting mired in the regular online petty arguments, which is why up to now I had avoided Facebook and the like.

Having noted those risks, I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and dive in to the “deep end” anyway, and as they say, “damn the torpedoes.”  I realize that I have some thoughts (either valuable or not) on news items I uncover for my book research each day, and I normally only share my evolving views and perspectives on them to a select group of close friends.  I decided – why not share my most intimate and complex thoughts with complete strangers, who are likely to misunderstand them?  Seems like a good idea to me!  I also am an addict of pop culture, particularly of the 1960s to early 1980s, and I need a place to share my goofy thoughts on those subjects, too, from time to time.  As listeners of my radio show know, I like to throw out a steady stream of arcane cultural references that anyone under the age of 50 (or older) is unlikely to recognize; this forum will be a home for such excess for me.  I also wish to see how some of my thoughts “fly” with others in an informal way, and to communicate them in a simple, informal “guinea pig” environment.  This blog structure hopefully will preserve some of my thoughts (a few of which might retain some minimal merit) that I might later elect to incorporate into some official publications, and it probably will do so better than my trying to remember whatever I emailed to some close friends years ago.  The Internet search capabilities associated with blogs means that I might more easily meet some new friends and fellow travelers along the way as well.

People will ask – why is this called “The Two Spies Report”?  I agree that it is a curious name.  It comes from the story of the Twelve Spies in the Old Testament, who were sent by Moses to scout out the Land of Canaan.  As most of you know, the two returning spies Joshua and Caleb said that the land was good, that they could take it with God’s help and they should move forward, to stake out a place in their modern but foreign world to confidently raise a society built on God’s principles of justice and physical and even economic and judicial security for the weakest, the poor and the alien stranger, in the middle of unbelieving and otherwise hostile region, relying on God’s presence, protection, guidance and vision, and security of His promises for eternity.  Alternatively, the other ten spies focused on the potentially hostile giants in the land, and in their paranoia and fears they exaggerated that they “looked like grasshoppers,” leading to Moses being at risk of being stoned for leading them there to certain death. Their views prevailed as voices of fear and paranoia of outer “worldly threats,” which they suggested could derail the sacred promises God had given to His people, this perspective having come from the majority of testifiers, spreading like “fake news” across a gullible populace like lightning, even with their limited “mass media.” As we know, the “minority report” was ultimately correct but unheeded, and the people paid for their paranoia – and its fundamental embodiment of unbelief – as a result.  Similarly, I have noticed that the “minority reports” of the “two spies” in the Christian culture in America seem to make more sense to me these days than the establishment, who rather focus on spreading and exaggerating fears of “others” like true demagogues (which I admit “sells, ” as we have often seen).  These brave anti-establishment types seem to be more like the prophets and “voices crying in the wilderness” of old, and although not being recognized by the Christian establishment or obtaining great wealth, power, influence or fame as a result, are still highly favored in heaven.  I tried to pursue such people and their thoughts in my Future Quake show, and these ideas will be a consistent focus here.

As a last note, right after I began blogging in 2015, another phenomena impacted our culture and its politics, and in particular its evangelical community in expressing its inner priorities and nature, with the rise of the campaign and eventual presidency of Donald Trump. With the handful of voices asking questions about the wisdom in this and spiritual destiny of this fateful pairing (like the Pharisees with Jesus Barabbas or Bar Kokhba to “make Israel great again,” as I soon expressed in my blog) being roundly berated and ostracized within Christian circles for such assertions, I was hesitant to weigh in too soon to avoid prematurely derailing relationships with readers and others when there were other matters of concern I wished to direct them to in my blog and other books at the time. However, as the ramifications of the Trump affair became more profound, the pressure to “come out” and address the matter became unbearable, and I did with the encouragement of my friend (and podcaster) Adam Sayne and some others. As I expected, I soon lost the majority of my prior Future Quake and other supporters (including personal Christian mentors, church and family members) for even asking such questions, and however disconcerting and dismaying this process became (further exacerbated by the 2020 election and the COVID pandemic), it further emboldened me and confirmed to me that this had indeed become an existential crisis for the soul of the American conservative faith community, and since that time has become a frequent backdrop to the subject matter of this blog. It also compelled me (with further encouragement from Mr. Sayne and other friends) to address the foundations of this pronounced evolution in the thinking of the current conservative Christian mind in recent years, and the historical roots of the hidden figures behind its manipulation, expressed in a three volume book series predominantly drafted from 2018 through 2019, with the first volume, Two Masters and Two Gospels, Vol. 1: The Teaching of Jesus Vs. the “Leaven of the Pharisees” in Talk Radio and Cable News, published in April 2020 and available at numerous retail outlets.