Ground Rules

Dear Friends,

I want to encourage everyone to register this site for updates, and feel free to comment on the posts.  However, since I need to focus on my book projects, while I will read the comments do not expect me to respond to them, although on rare occasion I might, and please do not be offended by or misinterpret my silence as contempt or lack of interest.  Since I do not plan to moderate the comments section nor screen comments, I also ask you to please be ladies and gentlemen and do not act or comment in an unseemly manner that would force me to take the time to remove a comment, shut down the comments option altogether or have WordPress or I shut the whole thing down due to repeat offenders who say things that might be legally slanderous, threaten people or promote dangerous or illegal actions, break other laws or just be a jerk that drives away other readers.  Please consider us all here as “fellow travelers” and truth seekers who deserve mutual respect and decorum, even when we disagree strongly on controversial topics.

Thanks for participating!

Mike (Doc Future)