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The "Minority Report" from J. Michael Bennett, Ph.D, Emeritus Producer of the Future Quake Radio Show, and Author of the soon-to-be-released book series The Holy War Chronicles – A Spiritual View of the War on Terror

New Bombshell Investigative Report Ties Gen. Boykin to Military Intelligence Use of Christian Aid Organization in North Korea as a Funded Cover


I just heard on CNN today a report on a new investigation by a journalistic organization called “The Intercept” that just released their findings that Gen. Jerry Boykin and his military intelligence group took over a Christian aid organization to fund and use to place intelligence gear and collect data in North Korea and elsewhere as a cover.  I found the actual amazing report, which you can read here:

Intercept Report Linking Boykin to Christian Group/Intelligence Cover

The front organization, the Humanitarian International Service Group (HISG), was founded the day before the 9/11 attack (you can see it explained here); the first website shows a video of the founder Kar Hiramine’s “Christian” calling to found it.  In 2003 Gen. Jerry Boykin, original member and eventual chief of Delta Force and Special Forces Command and now well-known evangelical speaker, joint chief with Rick Joyner of the Oak Initiative, and Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, took over the DoD Defense Intelligence Group in 2003, and decided to develop intelligence capabiltiies to rival the CIA, by using faith based front organizations, which the CIA and rest of the government had been forbidden to do after they had been caught doing it in the 1975 Church Committee hearings.  They set up other front organizations to fund it to provide cover that it was a DoD intelligence front.  One funding organization, the New Millennium Group, was operated by Army Colo. Robert Lujan, who was the legal counsel for Delta Force when Boykin operated it; he also wrote a paper called “Legal Aspects of Domestic Employment of the Army” (which you can read here from a military training site) that talks about the use of the military in the U.S., and mentions the Waco siege (where Boykin advised Janet Reno on the assault that immolated scores of civilian victims) by using Delta Force to help the BATF clear a meth lab from the Branch Davidian house and to conduct  “‘room clearing discriminate fire operations,’ termed ‘close-quarter combat’ by the military”, and Presidential use of the military to take over Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict.  He concludes by saying that “Civilian and military leaders need to expect an increase in domestic deployments of US military forces…America’s leaders should recognize that the relationship between America’s Army and the American people is strong but may be compromised.”

The article also notes that the money was also funded through a small outfit called the “Working Partners Foundation”, run by Robert Simses and Yale King.  Simses is a lawyer whose bio says he worked for the Navy in the White House during the Nixon years.  Yale King was the primary man, and was said by Boykin in his book Never Surrender as being a long-time “dear friend”; he was often featured on the Oak Initiative videos with Boykin and Joyner, talking about how the govt. had stolen his car dealership, when at the same time it appears evident that the government was sending him large sums to be a laundering organization.  The article notes that the ‘Christian” organization HISG received $15 million from the Pentagon, operating in 30 countries, until a new intelligence director shut them down at the end of 2012.  The new commander, Adm. McRaven, was said to have said to “shut it down because he was nervous about the flap if it ever got out that the Pentagon had used a bunch of evangelicals and missionaries as spies”.  My review of their tax records show that the groups shut down subsequently at the beginning of 2013, and according to the tax files I have (and the article attests), the remaining assets were given back to the U.S. Treasury (!).

I had already planned to have Gen. Boykin “star” in the last book volume for me to draft of my book series The Holy War Chronicles.  I document his involvement in the torture activities at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, his Delta Force activities and his “Christian” activities to turn the War on Terror into a “holy war”, where he (alongside Kanasas City Prophet Rock Joyner) advised the church to train our youth “with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other”, as he also pontificated on Jesus’ return sporting an AK-47.  I thought that this, plus his recent book allegorizing a secret organization of retired pastors and special forces soldiers that assassinated Muslim leaders and other illegal acitivities were evidence of a corrupt work of wolves masquerading as Christian sheep.  I have seen all this evidence as “red flags” that Christian leaders have not seemed to acknolwedge to date.  I have been willing to speculate that the anti-sharia movement and Religious Right para-church community at large is rife with CIA and other intelligence operatives using the Church to accomplish its agenda (the documents I have obtained from the 1975 Church Committee hearings confirm this likelihood as well), since their agendas coincide, and this piece of data strongly bolsters this possibility.  If it is true, God help us all.

I hope this concerns you as much as it does me.

Important Updates to the Kim Davis Soap Opera


I highly recommend you read ALL the links in the following article regarding the Pope’s “meeting” with Kim Davis:

Links to Stories That Explain Papal Visit

If you notice that the site is critical of “right wing” politics, please do not swoon and dismiss it entirely.  The links it highlights are all to high-quality news sources, that help clarify what happened there concerning the Pope’s “brush with greatness” (i.e., Kim Davis), and separates facts from fiction.

It appears that the Papal Ambassador to Washington DC has a old score to settle with the Papal Office, and “pulled a fast one” on the Pope (he is also an ardent Davis supporter).

The most important facets to me are the two times documented in these links that Davis’s “Christian” council Matt Staver of the Liberty Council (tied to Liberty University) lied to the public about the extent of Davis’ support overseas, and the death threats from The View.  Not only did he not even validate the data IF it was not intentional as an attorney, but none of the other Christian sources had as well.  Where is the due diligence from the Christian media?

Liberty University has a track record with this.  For a long time they covered for the fraud Ergun Caner, who was the head of their seminary, slandering and belittling his whistleblowers until they no longer could, then quietly shelved the issue.

The Religious Right cannot figure out why their evangelical message does not “work” anymore, and assume that any who point out their hypocrisy and disingenuity are merely “Christian persecutors”, and try to spread their illicit reputation to innocent Christians at large as fellow subjects of attack.  They have not grasped yet how irrelevant they are, caused by their own hand, and evidently do not have use of a mirror when seeking causes for their plight.

For this reason I agree with most of the public in seeing no credibility with the Religious Right or most Christian media.  These days when they speak I assume they are lying and/or I am being conned (to their monetary benefit), and it is sad to feel that way; I liked it better when I was in blissful ignorance.

Don’t let these jokers fool you into thinking that critics of them like me have “forsaken Christ” and have just become an “enemy of the Gospel”; today I love, worship and follow Jesus stronger than I ever have, have good and trustworthy pastoral leadership in a local church (and hope you find such as well), and find the Bible the only valid voice of God’s will, worthy for instruction, reproof, etc. when used in a responsible and wise way, and subject to the Holy Spirit’s unique direction with every person and situation I encounter. I no longer seek or regard “their” guidance, just like my “old school” Baptist forbearers centuries ago, who would be just as befuddled and dismayed at their hijinx as I am.  Spiritual “buyers” beware – listen to all their rantings with a high degree of skepticism, and keep your hand on your wallet (and electoral ballot).

“Blood Moon Apocalypse” Survival Stories Sought

The demise of humanity with the last Jewish Feast/”Blood Moon” coincidence has been trumpeted (excuse the pun) loudly and across the vast swath of Christian media and para-church organizations – not only the World Net Dailys, Skywatch TVs and similar outlets, but even Anne Graham Lotz’s (Billy Graham’s daughter) warning of an “Emergency for Jerusalem” that not only was concerned for our dear friend of Christians, the atheist Benjamin Netanyahu (while no mention of his Jewish sorcerer friend Rabbi Kaduri), but also of “The fourth blood moon on September 28 considered by rabbis to be an omen for Israel that will also be a super moon seen over Jerusalem” and “The end of the Jewish Shemitah Year on September 13 and the beginning of the Jubilee Year on September 28—both very significant in Biblical prophecy” (the Bible verses that confirm this “significance” in BIble prophecy were not listed).  Folks even in my own local church were hailing this as “the beginning of the end”, and appealing to people to come here a rabbi talk about the Jewish magical wisdom that could better inform Holy Spirit-filled Christians on what is “really going on”.

Having Christ-denying Jewish rabbis inform Christians on the “deeper things” of God is particularly chic these days, and it is fueled by the current Bible prophecy racket that misuses legitimate Bible prophecy to serve the interests of Cold War, tribalistic, Zionist political demogogues, under a veneer of prophetic “wisdom”, which is lapped up by the uninformed or usually xenophobic (mostly older) Christian masses.  These “rabbis” dish out mystical stuff that is as much Talmud and Jewish magical legends as much as it is scripture, which is perfectly normal in an Orthodox religious heritage; however, not long ago, Christians knew better than to seek deeper, murky spiritual prophetic insight from those who could not even acknowledge who was the Messiah their prophets spoke of, or those Messianic rabbinic variants who feel that there is a religious superiority and elitism to going back and resubmitting to the yoke of Mosiac Law, prompting even our Jewish Apostle Peter to say ” Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?” (Acts 15:10).

I have found the World Net Daily’s and other outlets pushing this latest “Chiken Little”, sky-is-falling “medicine show” to huckster books and DVDs to be not-surprisingly quiet on the subject today (I guess like other prophetic deadlines they hailed that came and went), although Skywatch is still pushing John Hagee’s warning from yesterday that it is the end of the world.

So, for the lack of reporting this morning from our para-church organizations and Christian media outlets on the subject, I would like to encourage you, loyal blog readers, to contribute your own “blood moon survival stories” here in the comments sections to this post.  And please feel free to grossly embellish – just like our highly-paid para-church ministry national leaders, who use their imagination to entertain us.  Extra points if you can scapegoat some minority, foreign people group or religion as the cause of your suffering in these days – American Christians love paranoia and demogoguery these days.

I will remember these “blood moons” the next time these Christian groups try to sign me up for one of these propaganda, Potemkin Village “Israel Tours” – designed to make money for the ministries, and promote secular Israel’s political agenda within wealthy America through their returning gulible Christian citizens.  The next time they ask me to go, I want to ask them if they will be doing something useful there like preaching the Gospel of Jesus at the Wailing Wall, like our dear Apostles did in Acts; if they don’t (and they won’t), then they can count me out.

If the world comes totally unglued in the next month or two, I guess I’ll have to eat my hat – but it still may not be because of some regularly-scheduled astronomical event.  The stock market usually has a big correction every few years in October.  I would not be surprised to see Israel unilaterally attack Iran and try to hide behind the US to start some alliance-fueled World War III, just like how the first World War was started.  When people of various cultures around the world start talking to each other and making peaceful amends, it makes Israel very nervous.

Any of you can follow your favorite bearded, yamulke and prayer shawl-sporting rabbi out there for “deeper knowledge”, but I think I’ll stick with my Rabbi Jesus, who had a word for the other rabbis as to their ability to discern prophetic signs in the sky:

“The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven.
He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, [It will be] fair weather: for the sky is red.  And in the morning, [It will be] foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O [ye] hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not [discern] the signs of the times?” (Matt. 16:1-3)

REVELATION: Ted Cruz is Green Acre’s “Mr. Haney”‘s Long-Lost Son!

I have not seen this as breaking news on World Net Daily, but check out the following two videos from Sen. Ted Cruz and study his voice and face carefully:

Now see how his voice and face resembles another prominent salesman and businessman, Mr. Haney from Green Acres…

The more speeches you hear from Sen. Cruz, the more it becomes apparent!  Apparently he learned to sell “ice cream to the Eskimos” like his old man…

Jesus and His Followers “Go Macho”

Under the “I Am Not Making This Up” Department:

Evidently a Florida gun manufacturer is making an assault rifle called the “Crusader”.  It boasts a “Templar” shield (as in the Crusade’s “holy mercenaries”), and has the safety settings “Peace”, “War” and “God Wills It”.  It is also emblazoned with Bible verse Psalm 144:1, which says, “Blessed be the LORD my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle” (NKJV).  The article cites the manufacturer as saying they intended for the weapon to be repellent to Muslims.

On the website for the gun product, it says that “Due to overwhelming media response – Crusader rifles are taking up to 2 weeks to ship.”

The original article also cites an earlier $660 million Pentagon contract for 800,000 rifle gun sights that have Bible verses inscribed on them as well.

If anyone wonders why I am taking all this effort in writing this lengthy book series The Holy War Chronicles – A Spiritual View of the War on Terror, let this be a case in point.

It also brings to mind when the Apostle Paul described in Ephesians 2 the doctrines of the “household of God” (v. 19), “a holy temple in the Lord” (v. 21), and “an habitation of God through the Spirit” (v. 22), which”are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone” (v. 20).  While books of the Bible like the Psalms contain great inspirational thoughts of devotion to God, such as the heart-rending passages such as Psalm 1 and Psalm 23, many of them reveal an Old Covenant view obsessed with the destruction of one’s enemies such as the verse cited here, and have been used to justify the commission of violent acts against people deemed “different” and thus “enemies of God” for countless centuries by Christians.  Frankly, this line of thinking is foreign to a New Covenant, Kingdom of Heaven-type of mindset, which should be obvious when pointed out in contexts such as these, and thus is not listed as being in the “foundation” of Christ’s Kingdom, in not being what He taught nor what it stands for.  One of the most dangerous things is when one mishandles Scripture – and it happens all the time by our most prominent and conspicuous Christian “leaders” to justify all sorts of rotten agendas.

Thanks, good friend Adam of the Conspirinormal podcast, for finding this story.    

I’ll Be Out of Action For A While – Solicit Your Prayers


In a few hours I’ll be having major sinus and nose surgery to remove some major bony blockages in my upper sinuses, and to rebuild my septum, which has been grossly contorted to accomodate it.  It has caused me major pain and a distraction for a number of years.

As a result I have been told I may have a difficult period of internal head swelling and pain for a number of weeks as it heals.  I have no idea how it will impact my resumption of activities such as this blog, but I’ll get back to it and book writing as soon as possible (it will be part of my recuperation, or I’ll get cabin fever as I get coherent again!).

I sure appreciate everyone’s prayers in the meantime, for the surgeons, my weeks of recuperation (and that I am not too whiny), and for my dear wife Ginger (and Pyro), for whom I will be able to do no lifting at all, or even leaning over for some time.

Thanks for your concerns!




BREAKING NEWS: God Responds to US “Abandoning” Israel by REDUCING Hurricanes

Christian friends,

In true World Net Daily fashion, I alert you to a sudden news flash on the status of hurricane activity worldwide and the US since our obvious “Sunni Muslim” President and his henchmen have “sold out” Israel with a proposed multi-nationally negotiated peace deal with Iran.

As a result of this blatant violation of the “Abrahamic promise” claimed by the atheistic nation-state of Israel – to “bless” Israel no-matter-what with arms, money and political cover or experience the wrath of God, the inevitable has happened, and it is starting to conspicuously affect our weather.

According to the Climate Depot data cited by the Drudge Report, global hurricane activity is at a 45 year all-time low – since the time of the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars in Israel.

But what about the United States, who stands in greatest judgment for attempting peace, in defiance of Israel’s regional dominance objectives?  According to Forbes Magazine, the U.S. has gone through “one of the longest periods of hurricane inactivity in U.S. history“.  It also notes that the frequency of major hurricanes has dropped significantly since the 1970s – after the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars – and adds that “during the first two years of this current decade exactly zero major hurricanes struck the United States”, which has been the time leading up to the brokering the Iran Treaty.

There is a Biblical record to explain this.

The Jew named Jonah fled God and His mission for him to be a “light to the Gentiles”, in particular the Ninevites he hated.  When he fled to a ship at Joppa to flee God to faraway Tarshish, he was “harbored” in their boat by well-meaning Gentiles who sought to protect him – evidently in a position to experience the “blessings” of the Abrahamic promise by “blessing” and protecting one of Abraham’s kin.  However, their act of harboring him resulted in assisting him in his flight from God, and thus God sent His own type of hurricane to destroy the Gentiles who were harboring His rebellious Jew.  They called out to God and tried their best to protect their Jewish guest, but eventually they relented and cast him into the sea, which caused God to take away the storm and bring about praises to God from these Gentiles, while the Jew was placed alone to be taken up by God’s instrument – just as He intended.  In a similar manner God sent a worm to eat a gourd that had protected the Jew from suffering in the terrible heat as he joyously awaited the destruction of his enemy, to eliminate what was keeping God from “applying the heat” to the Jew himself so the God could get his attention and teach him a lesson.

In 1 Kings 22, King Jehoshaphat decided to “bless” Israel and thus claim the “Abrahamic promise” by helping her militarily against Syria, with whom it had otherwise been at peace with for three years, but had decided to pre-emptively attack to forcibly take more land from Syria.  While Israel decided to claim its “land promises” in faith, Micaiah, God’s prophet, told King Ahab of Israel that God had permitted a “lying spirit” to fill the mouths of Israel’s patriotic prophets to motivate the leaders of Israel to attempt take this land.  King Ahab of Israel decided to do another Jewish “false flag” operation by dressing up as his ally Jehoshaphat, while getting him to do the same so as to have his ally killed rather than himself (as Israel often does to the US with its proxy wars).  However, God was not fooled, and the king of Israel was routed, as well as his army and that of his allies.  The passage in 2 Chronicles 19 parallels this story, and adds that when Jehoshaphat returned to his own land after defeat while “blessing” Israel, his own prophet from God, Jehu, said to him, “Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD” (v. 2).  Jehoshaphat did not learn his lesson; he next tried to help Ahab’s son Ahaziah, the next King of Israel, by “blessing” them in a shipping economic venture, which the LORD Himself destroyed with adverse weather, causing the prophet Eliezer to again tell Jehoshaphat, “Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, the LORD hath broken thy works. And the ships were broken, that they were not able to go to Tarshish (2 Chronicles 20:37).

Is this new weather data a sign of the “Shemitah Year”?  The “Blood Moons”?  The “Harbinger”?

Or maybe, God’s real way of “blessing” Israel was expressed by the Apostle Peter, who told the Jews at the Temple,

“Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.” (Acts 3:26)




Please Pray for Jesus’ Work Through Stephen Colbert


I know I come across as frequently whining against the short-sighted, maudlin, and boorish behavior and attitudes of my fellow American Christians whom I love (“Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.”, Rev. 3:19. Jesus to the Church at Laodicea); think about what my close friends must put up with!

However, I want to emphasize that I do see many promising developments amongst followers of Jesus, particularly amongst the young, but as a consequence of relating to today’s culture they will be knocking down a few walls of tradition and culture masquerading as religious fundamentals, and it could get messy at times.  Older Christians raised as their predecessors (and myself) in a traditional evangelical/Catholic/Protestant culture of narrowed language and accepted means of expression, constrained levity and satire, and a propensity of “sacred cows” that dare not be skewered (such as our veneration of the divine nature of our nation, pastors and religious establishment and its other heroes) will be hitting the bottle of antacids frequently in the days ahead, or (like many) will turn bitter, resentful and evermore exclusionary in their thinking.  A few of my cautionary “heroes”, whom I think might yet preserve a genuine Gospel ethic in the current and future generation (albeit in their own daring way), are even some “old geezers” like myself.

One such person I highly regard is Stephen Colbert.  Most older Christians probably do not know who he is, even though he has been a cable television superstar for many years.  Others would hold him in high suspicion because of his early association with John Stewart of the Daily Show (himself one of the best bastions of old-fashioned Christian ethics (while not himself a Christian) even though they don’t recognize it), and his skewering of many conservative icons and sacred cows on his show who were not to be touched.   

I personally find him to be a true genius of our generation.  Not only is he a multi-talented, highly educated and intellectual Renaissance Man of our generation, having an unparalleled litany of remarkable credentials to his credit (having invented the now-accepted word “truthiness”, multi-Emmy Winner and one of Time Magazines “100 Most Important People” in 2006 and 2012, has a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor named after him, has a Virgin America plane named after him, Grammy Award winner, has had four different species of insects officially named after him, is the only person to have a piece of equipment in space named after him (the COLBERT treadmill) and having been knighted by the King of Jordan, amongst many accolades).  He definitely produces the most insightful and intellectual content on television.  How he provides these subtle and insightful subtexts, even when acting  as a buffoon or crassly, is appreciated by many, however it sadly goes over the head of most older Christians I know.  His interviews and comical pieces not only make me laugh, but better yet make me think.

One of the unique aspects of Colbert beyond his cleverness and intelligence (and the fact of being a month younger than me, I get him), is his strong continuing Christian faith, even while enticed by all the trappings of the entertainment world.  You can read about some of his background and religious influences here.  He mentions his upbringing in a healthy, practicing Roman Catholic family, that was shattered when his father and siblings were taken away in a plane crash when he was only ten.  Like many young men he began to lose his faith, when he says someone gave him a Gideon Bible on the streets of Chicago.  In here he found Christ’s teaching on the Sermon on the Mount, which changed his life, and which he likes to talk about (you can find the Sermon’s influence in much of what he does in his comedy, if you look for it).  He is known for being a regular Sunday School teacher as well – how many television darlings can you say that about today?  I have observed, when I watched his wickedly funny and insightful Colbert Report shows on rare occasion, was his consistent defense of basic Christian truths such as man’s creation by God – even when interviewing an evolutionary biologist – and make it seem funny, endearing, non-threatening, and likeable (and he comes across as more enlightened, informed and intelligent than his scholarly expert guests, without being a boor).

He will say a few naughty words or vulgarities on rare occasion (at least on cable) to make a point, joke about sex (while being presumably faithful to his wife of 23 years) or discuss topics that make fundamentalists squirm.  However, he is one of the few voices for the basic principles of love and decency toward others as Christ taught that the people in society respect, and will listen to.  The only other peer that I can think of in his class is another controversial figure in fundamentalist circles – the Christ-loving TV and film producer Tyler Perry, who is arguably the most powerful (and wealthy) man in Hollywood, openly teaching marital fidelity, devotion to Christ, wife and children, and redemption and forgiveness in the guise of dressing up as a woman (“Madea”) and spitting out a foul word or two for laughs, while millions watch and learn, as many of our dour churches lay empty.

We as Christians should diligently pray for these two decent Christian brothers, who are two of the few witnesses for Christ who, while ruffling our feathers at times, retain any measure of respect and credibility in reaching today’s culture.  Pray that God will send more like them.

Here is a link to Colbert’s inaugural show as the new host of David Letterman’s former show The CBS Late Show (his first foray into network television) – watch for his skewering of the media’s addiction to Trump coverage by use of an Oreo analogy, and the final musical number with one of gospel’s Staple Singers calling for societal love and unity.

The Kim Davis Circus Continues, And Earns My New Award

This afternoon, as I write this, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has just been released from jail for defying a court order to let her office release marriage licenses in her county, since the court has since observed that the office deputies have resumed the release of pent-up applications.

From what I observed on television, it was quite a circus event outside the courthouse – some DJ was blasting rousing music akin to “Eye of the Tiger”.  Amongst many flags being waved I saw a huge “Christian” flag – the one people pledge allegiance to at church (at least Vacation Bible School); others simply wielded crosses mounted on long pikes.   A fire-breathing pastor with a distinctively Southern “preacher’s voice” roused the crowd from a stage that had been set up, with appeals to never surrender, as he introduced the names of politicians who were running for office that had arrived there.  Amongst them were Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, the latter particularly adept at getting his picture while cradling Ms. Davis, and insisting on addressing the crowd and while noting that he was running for the Presidency for eight years, he would also be willing to spend eight years in jail as a martyr as well.  Naturally, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins (who had hired 25-year-old Josh Duggar not long ago to be their Executive Director of their lobbying group as the best available choice to defend “healthy” marriages and opposing same-sex varieties, noting that “He’s going to fit in well, I think”) also took advantage of the event to get a “kick at the can” on stage in defense his group’s consistent record of defending “traditional marriage”, like the Duggar’s and Davis’.  Her attorney, Matt Staver of Liberty University’s “Liberty Counsel” was there as well; I am sure that their involvement will help raise many millions of dollars in operating funds solicited via newsletters when they recount their critical role in exploiting (er, “helping”) Ms. Davis as a guinea pig (er, “pioneer”) test case for the law and religious freedom.  Ms. Davis’ husband, that is her fourth husband who was also her second husband who also adopted her children she carried during her first marriage from an affair with her third husband to be more precise, went on stage with her to help defend the sanctity of marriage.  He was sporting overalls and a straw hat to help dispel any stereotypical notions of Kentuckians being “hillbillies”.  It all smacked of another “Scopes Trial” religious-circus atmosphere of ninety years ago.  I imagine many non-religious “fence-sitting” observers finally decided to join our Christian “side” after watching this display.

Time will tell whether she takes further action to use her office to stop further issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples or anyone else, but I am sure she will have a future on the church circuit, and will make much money for the Christian “culture war” groups which will use her name recognition in fund-raising mailings to scare older Christians into pledging money otherwise wasted on benevolence and missions.  Having thought a little bit more about the elements of her experience, I recognized her close resemblance to a far more famous incident whereby a state government official bravely, publicly and conspicuously “stood their ground” (literally as well as figuratively) in defiance of federal judges who were forcing state officials to comply with state laws concerning the civil rights of others, in disregard of their own deeply held social and spiritual convictions.  In honor of preserving his spirit, I hereby nominate Kim Davis for the first ever:

George Wallace “Standing In The Doorway” Brave Defense of Principle and Conviction Award!

For some of you younger tikes, George Wallace was a brave and ambitious Circuit Judge in Alabama.  He revealed his shadows of future greatness and destiny in his early days by bravely defying a court order in the late 1950’s to turn over the Barbour County voting records to federal courts and the Civil Rights Commission, which had reasons to believe that the black population and poor were being impeded in their voter registration and voting.  When he narrowly lost the 1958 Democratic Party nomination for Governor of Alabama (to a man with the essential endorsement of the Klan), he decided to adopt hardline racist positions, including the threat posed by blacks to the white Southern way of life, to have a chance at election.  It worked as he secured the Democratic nomination in 1962, with no Republican daring to run against him as he won the general election for Governor with 96 percent of the vote, which would have included the overwhelming majority of Alabama’s ubiquitous Christians.  In his famous Inaugural Address in January 1963 on the spot where Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederacy, Wallace promised that at the “heart of the great Anglo-Saxon heartland” he “drew a line”, declaring “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”.

His first term in office led to his most famous public act – the iconic “Stand In The Schoolhouse Door”.  The federal court Case Brown v. The Board of Education had granted the rights of those of any race to go to any institution of education, forbidding the segregation of schools like the University of Alabama, in 1954.  For the next nine years school officials and the police found all sorts of clever means to dismiss black applicants from being accepted, but in 1963 three black students applied for which they could conjure no plausible means of exclusion.  In early June federal courts issued an order forbidding Governor Wallace from preventing their lawful entry.  A week later, as the three arrived to go to school and accompanied by Federal marshals, they encountered a Gov. Wallace who stood defiantly in their way in front of the door of the University, bravely upholding his convictions and those of the large crowd, until forced to step aside by the marshals and the National Guard deputized by President Kennedy.  In September he went on to attempt to block the entry of black children into elementary schools.

This brave stand for social and spiritual principles over the rights granted by any federal court springboarded him into national prominence.  He learned to motivate voters with new techniques such as for his re-election where he showed a little white girl surrounded by a group of black boys, with the ad saying, “Wake Up Alabama! Blacks vow to take over Alabama.”a technique now used so effectively by Christian groups and their political candidates when identically directed towards Muslims and gays.  He was able to run effectively as a third party candidate for US President in 1968 with the strong military commander Gen. Curtis LeMay as his running mate (much like the Family Research Council’s No. 2 man) who advocated the use of nuclear weapons strategically in battle, and carried five of the major Southern states in the election.  Most importantly, shortly thereafter the school confrontation, in 1964 Bob Jones University, a prominent fundamentalist Christian college who has awarded degrees to Billy Graham, Tim LaHaye, Lindsey Graham, John Ashcroft and others (with John McArthur and Fred Phelps (pastor of Westboro Baptist Church) having also been students there), conferred upon Wallace an honorary doctorate, praising his “brave” stands against the judges.  Bob Jones had written a pamphlet entitled, Is Segregation Scriptural?, noting that it was morally wrong to “eradicate racial boundaries that God had set”.  The school lost its tax exempt status due to its insistence on racial discrimination, and only permitted blacks to attend in the 1970s, while still prohibiting interracial dating.  By the end of 1998, it still threatened to arrest any homosexuals who set foot on their campus.  Bob Jones University, along with Liberty University, the largest evangelical university and largest non-profit private university in the world (set up by Jerry Falwell to be “a private school for white students” that much later consented to segregation) are the two mills that generate almost all the newer “movers and shakers” in leadership in the Christian para-church organizations today, and two of the few institutions that produce young people with traditional fundamentalist values.

I feel Kim Davis has well-earned this award, and who knows what she may achieve in the future, and whose causes she may help?  I imagine that in future generations history will look at the actions of Ms. Davis and Gov. Wallace in a similar light.  Regarding the Religious Right candidates who have flocked to her cause, I am sure they have learned what Wallace learned when he lost his early governor’s race, and why they (like he) avoid speaking of problems like poverty, refugees and the struggles of the underclass and infrastructure, and rather give the Christian masses the “red meat” scapegoating the stranger and those who are different, when Wallace lamented afterwards,

“You know, I tried to talk about good roads and good schools and all these things that have been part of my career, and nobody listened. And then I began talking about niggers, and they stomped the floor.”


Open Letter To My “Siege Bunker Mentality” Christian Friends

I have noticed yet again in recent days talk all around me from many of my Christian friends, extended family, church members and acquaintances about “something bad coming”, and their response ranging from a  general angst to a deeper paranoia, to desperate actions to stockpile supplies, buy firearms and even divest from investments.  When I try to inquire of the reasons they mention as to this sudden sense of imperilment, they will often mention “the usual suspects” such as President Obama not permitting another election, the Muslims taking over (with Obama’s help), financial meltdown, race wars with the black community, and widespread “Christian persecution” in the form of criticizing Christians for denying services (both in private businesses and state employees) to their neighbors with whom they disagree.  The more interesting ones are the apocalyptic-fueled ones that are imminent in nature (as in days or weeks), such as the “Blood Moons”, “Shemitah Year” and “The Harbinger” (my apologies if you have already been destroyed via cosmic event by the time you’re reading this).

In some ways I can relate in my own experience and past line of thinking to some of these, having been marinated in apocalyptic Bible Prophecy teaching and media for most of my life as well as Christian talk radio.  In fact, I can usually ascertain the origin of the source material my colleagues use to express their fears by the words they use, and whether the narrative was communicated to them via World Net Daily or other Christian channels, Michael Savage, Fox News, or transmitted via third-party Facebook- like channels.  I was there when everyone said the “generation after the budding of the fig tree” would signal the Rapture in 1988, the Y2K end of civilization, the alignment of the planets on May 5, 2000, the Harold Camping “thing”, and even the Mayan calendar signal on December 21, 2012.  Back when FEMA and other agencies were warning about an impending pandemic that may cause us to remain in our homes for up to three months, I listened to them and looked into such provisions (although I admit I didn’t get too far).  A flood like we had here a few years ago or even the remote “mega-terror” attack I guess could also trap us in our homes for some time, and I assume a nuclear exchange can’t be totally dismissed if we continue to butt heads with Russia in the Ukraine, although I think it is highly unlikely a major state player launches one, because we all own too much of each others’ stocks, bonds and real estate!  A stock market downturn usually occurs every few years in September or October regardless of any “blood moons”, and the beat goes on.

However, I think the real symptom of the “apocalyptic fever” many Christians in America are now feeling is most likely (but not certain) to be due to the easy gullibility and insecurity of American Christians, and the ample lineup of groups both inside the Church and without who stand ready to exploit and profit from it.  While this “mania” has been perfected amongst the wealthy, undereducated and complacent American Christian community, its origins go back to the start of the very Church.  When the going first got “tough” with Christ and His followers as the Jewish leaders unleashed their trap to persecute and arrest their movement, Jesus did not flee, seek protection from the Romans while asserting His “rights” or even appeal to the Jewish law for proper decorum; He faced and confronted His enemies voluntarily and without resistance, even though it meant certain pain and agony.  He even told His followers to “put away your swords” and healed the servant of His own enemy.  Meanwhile, His followers enacted the first official “Christian siege bunker” operation, running for the hills and hiding in places, rather than ministering to their Lord and standing with Him while He suffered alone.  At least some lady friends and His mother were brave enough to anoint His body, and a couple of Sanhedrin leaders brave enough to speak up for His body and take his corpse for proper burial.  Meanwhile, the Christian leaders Jesus said “the gates of Hell” would not prevail against, who had cast out demons in His name and healed, and whom had witnessed Christ’s own healings, cosmic transfiguration, raising others from the dead, control of the elements of nature and feeding the masses amongst other miracles, suddenly appeared to be uncertain that Jesus could protect them from the Pharisees anymore, so – they hid in the dark.  Jesus had to go looking for them behind locked doors.  When He appeared there He “upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen” (Mark 16:14).  No wonder the most common thing Jesus always had to tell His followers was “fear not”; it’s still the most common thing He must tell them.  At least they left this experience ready to take on the Sanhedrin, Rome and the rest of the world, and willing to trust God and even offer their bodies and lives rather than shrink in fear.  For Christians today who can bear witness to the faithfulness of Christ’s resurrection and the accomplishment of His plans then and through the ages – what is the excuse for their cowardice today?

The next thing Jesus told them in that room was to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (v. 15).  Obviously, they could not accomplish the first and primary mission of the Church from their Lord by staying hunkered in their “panic room”. Evangelicals pride themselves on their central mission to the Great Commission to “preach the gospel to every creature”.  How do they plan to do this from their bunker? How will they have time to waste spreading the Good News when they have fortunes and property to protect?            

Older Christians these days seem to be worried and panic-stricken about everything.  It’s not just about Muslims, although at almost 1 percent of our population, most of whom came here to escape persecution from their Muslim peers elsewhere, and without control of any national power structures they seem certain that they will impose sharia law over the tens of millions of American gun owners and military any day now.  It’s not just about the black community, whose lack of economic opportunity and role models will keep them from expanding to bother white folk’s suburb serenity, or the gay community, although many Christians must fear that if they have contact with such “afflicted” it might spread and might threaten their fragile hold on their own masculinity and sexual preference, or lead to widespread “conversions” as heterosexuality falls out of favor for some reason.  Very soon Obama won’t be around to kick around anymore to blame for any possible traitorous act or American problem, and may even let us have an election like last time, leaving them to go back to saddling Nancy Pelosi with the guilt for America’s problems.  One of their biggest problems causing them to lose sleep is their own youth.  These youth’s Baby Boom parents have not effectively instilled in them the Cold War values they grudgingly accepted from their own “Greatest Generation” parents, those being a duty to see the world in tribalistic terms on a national, religious and cultural level, remaining on perpetual “high alert” while under “perpetual attack”, and thus putting their trust and allegiance in their society’s authoritarian power structures, be it the military, police or institutional religious leaders.  They find their children too tolerant, asking too many questions, and not making enough enemies of outsiders to be “respectable”.  They fear that American power and “leadership” by means of military and economic gunboats over the rest of the world, who resents our freedom rather than our heavy-handed bullying, will be lost on their watch, as well as a white European culture dominance at home.  This cataclysmic loss of cultural dominance at home and abroad in these days would obviously force Jesus’ hand to return at once to set things straight.

Today I heard my pastor teach from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount passage concerning the “eye”, or what they understood at the time to be the window to the soul.  Jesus said, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.  But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness” (Matt. 6:22-23).  In other words, how we perceive the world around us with our “eye” will determine the nature and extent of the “light” that is in us.  The English standard Version says that “if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light”.  A “healthy” eye can see all the wavelengths of light and process them, not just some, as well as perceive shades of gray, and not just black or white.  It can see lightness, and not just only darkness in the world around it.  If it perceives only darkness on the outside, the “darkness” in the body will result in ulcers, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, or major depression – even isolation and distance from God.  A diseased eye can also be myopic and have limited range of vision, not perceiving other factors on the perimeter that would influence the overall perception of the reality the eye perceives.  Furthermore, the eye will see where the head turns to direct its attention.  If the thinking head turns only to what bad news the TV broadcasts on air or the words of demagogues on talk radio, TV and Facebook (particularly Christian leaders from emails, TV and the pulpits), then one will see a world only of endless threats and decay.

I want to end with a warning to my Christian friends who are too busy getting the bunker stockpiled rather than ministering to a hurting world.  Revelation 3 includes a description of the Church at Laodicea, which many people rightfully associate with the modern American church.  They were known for being very wealthy and self-sufficient, and thus wanting to be left alone.  Jesus said He had a very different view of their “success”, and said they were in a dire peril unbeknownst to them and had no reason to be content, not due to external threats but due to their own attitude, to the extent that He was ready to “spew them out”.  He counseled them to buy from Him gold refined in a fire, and white raiment.  Such “gold” can only be bought by persecution – the very thing American Christians are so desperately trying to prevent, but which Jesus uses to refine His children in need.  Regarding “white raiment”, Revelation 6 shows how they can be procured when they are given to the martyrs who gave their life for Christ.  Are we to resist the hand of God and seek to avoid such a destiny if He chooses it for our spiritual well being?

The most relevant analogy to what we face today was told by Christ as a parable in Matthew chapter 25.  He tells of a lord who left his business in his kingdom to his servants, giving them various amounts of talents (monetary coinage) to put to use for his estate while he was gone.  As we all know, the two with larger sums engaged in their community and produced greater returns.  However, the one with only one talent chose to bury it in the ground – the ultimate bunker in which to hide!  When the lord returned to assess their progress, the first two received commendation, and a promise now to be rewarded with “his joy”.  However, the one with one talent justified his “bunker mentality” by honestly admitting that the threat that caused him to take such draconian action was not due to outside enemies, but rather his own perception of the unreasonable and unreliable character of his own lord to assist him in the public engagement of bearing fruit from his investment.  He said, “Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed: And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, [there] thou hast [that is] thine.” (Matt. 25:24-25).  Did the lord honor him for his cautionary and fear-filled retreat?  No – he referred to him as a “wicked and slothful servant” (v. 26), who had a wicked view of the character of his own lord as unreasonably demanding, which impeded his success in the “marketplace”.  He noted that even the shady secular world would have done more with the resources he gave (v. 27).  He not only removed the Lord’s assets vested with him, but also cast the “unprofitable servants” into “outer darkness” (v. 30).  What will all these “bunker mentality” Christians today answer to their Lord, particularly if His return is as imminent as they suggest, if He finds them not at work as they were tasked but rather buried, afraid in a hole?  How will He respond to their perception that He will not be with them as they engage in a sometimes hostile world, doing the work of the “ministry of reconciliation” assigned to them?  If they are afraid today of Muslims, gays, liberals or others today, how afraid will they be of their LORD when He comes here to assess their progress?

It makes me now understand Christ’s strange rhetorical question in Luke 18:7-8, “And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”