Politico Article Provides a Good Snapshot of Liberty University, Falwell Jr. and the Religious Right

by drfuture2013


The well-respected POLITICO journalistic outfit has just published [CLICK HERE] a new fascinating article about Falwell’s son Trey’s (also a Liberty vice president, and heir apparent to the empire) Miami hostel his daddy bought him to own for $4.65 million, with Falwell’s real estate company owning it being based on property owned by Liberty University, where the front door says that RELIGION is not to be discussed there, but the bar is pouring the booze there as fast as it can, in addition to the property having its own liquor store (all violations of the “Liberty Way” that it applies in Inquisition-fashion to its students and faculty).  It also gives a glimpse of how the “Liberty racket” plays fast and loose with non-profit laws, and is the nation’s largest recipient of federal handout money from taxpayers, which certainly helps Falwell’s $900,000 a year salary.

I encourage you to read the article carefully, and like other postings here, see what it reveals about the “spirit” of this flagship of the Religious Right.  Our blog friend here from “My American Mind” also knows where some of the “bodies are buried” at the school, having been on the inside at the university, and whose stories have even shocked me.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did receive an offer of a scholarship to attend Liberty University in 1987, but I turned it down, because my walk with the Lord was too important to me, even though I knew little then of what I know now.

ADDENDUM: It was just announced that Religious Right role model Anthony Scaramucci will be speaking at Liberty University in November.  I hope you uses the same language he used with journalist Ryan Lizza – Falwell Jr. will love it!